What is 360 Feedback?
The 360 Feedback Centre
360 Feedback is employee development feedback that comes from all around the employee.

'360' refers to the 360 degrees in a circle.
The feedback is provided by subordinates, peers and managers in the employee's
organisational hierarchy.

The results from 360 Feedback are often used by the person receiving the feedback to plan his/her training and development.

The 360 Feedback Centre is an easy to use and convenient way to deliver employee feedback. Using the power and ubiquity of the Internet the 360 Feedback Centre allows anyone, anywhere to provide feedback in a totally secure environment.

The Development Company

The Development Company is a specialist, learning and development organisation that works closely with its clients to tailor courses to meet specific requirements.

Capabilities cover all aspects of individual, interpersonal and organisational development.

A wide range of services can be delivered; these range from classroom training to complex programmes that span many months.

- 360 Feedback Centre is a Development Company Product.